Leamboink Pictures

Here are a small selection of pictures from the uk.singles 1996 Warwick/Leamington boink. Since it occurred almost entirely indoors, due to the weather and the shortness of daylight, they are not the world's best photographs. Nor are more than a few of the many people whom I'd have liked to photograph (moral: never change the film unless sober).

All images © N.J.Leverton 1996

In the Old Fourpenny Shop

No pictures (yet) available ...

A Quick Jaunt up the Road

Wendy shepherds her charges across the busy road (37kb)

Outside Lord Lester's Hospital (60kb)

In the Pizza restaurant

A.N.Other, Alex Monroe, John Wright and Simon Brooke (38kb)

Duncan Campbell, A.N.Other, Alex Monroe, John Wright, Simon Brooke, John Middleditch, ?, Smiley (37kb)

Duncan and Sue attempt Suicide By Chocolate (47kb)
Still from a snuff movie ... (10kb)

Paul Carpenter, Richard Letts, ?, Nick Cleaton, ? and Miriam (41kb)

Kay, Menya, Moose, Scotty and Justin (48kb)

Wendy, Worlock, Zareh and Graham Patterson watch John Middleditch demonstrating how to drive a 4Vep (49kb)

Simon auditioning for Keeper of the Angst (9kb)

The Evening Before the Morning After

Sorry, still no pictures. Contributions welcomed.

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