The Leamboink

Friday evening, 26th January. Blizzards blanketted the United Kingdom. Undeterred, twelve hours later 36 intrepid Oateses and Oatesesses converged on Warwick from the furthest-flung reaches of that cosy corner of Usenet called From the homesteads of the Home Counties they came, from Exeter and Norfolk and York, from the Lakes and from Scotland, from California even, intent all upon only one purpose : to boink themselves to excess. Sheffield alone was unaccounted for, due to inclement weather forecasts in the Preston area.

Much beer was duly drunk (or in some cases spilled), wine, whisky, whiskey and tequila too; many miles walked (from Warwick to Leamington), many tales told (involving bears and sundry Folk), much pasta and salsa eaten; operating systems denigrated, heights compared, depths plumbed, Carol cleared the tables, and a Good Time was had by all (and is now reported to be almost recovered ...).

Here are some images of the event ...

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Last updated 19th May 1997.

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