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7th May 1996

Pizza Express will never be the same again ... next time someone books "a table for 25 noisy people" they might take it seriously. Still, I think the group at the next table quite enjoyed being adopted as honorary singlers. At least one of them certainly seemed to enjoy Trevor's attentions.

(thumbnail) Naveed (sans coat) and Tracey, Alan Monroe and Nick Cleaton watch as Jill (unfortunately eclipsed by John Wright) calls them to order. In the background, Kitty and Pete Bentley plan the next move.

(thumbnail) Jill Russell (already looking rather out of focus,), the Ferrett and John Wright, all pretending to have nothing to do with each other.
Above photographs © Nick Leverton 1996

(thumbnail) Here Jill Russell and Alan Monroe demonstrate the penultimate in sadness: phoning the person next to you (13kb). You'd have thought they could have just sent one another an SMS text message. On the other hand, to communicate from one table to the other, telephone was found to be the only practical method to avoid a complete breakdown of what passed for order ... Photograph © Pete Bentley 1996

Any other photographs will be very much appreciated. Please send them to:

Behind the hot water pipes, Third locker along, Gent's Lavatory, Victoria Station, England

including £150 Sterling in used fivers. If you come up with photographs of either barmaid at the Old Crown, we will pay you : apply to the attendant at the above address for your reward.

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