Graham Patterson's London Boink Pictures

London Boink, 9th July 1995.

Locations: Garden of Windsor Castle Public House, Campden Hill Road; Hyde Park.
Organisers / instigators: Paul Clarke and Wendy Taylor.
Photographs: Graham Patterson.

I have been cautious about attributing names, and even so I may be wrong. Please make any additions and corrections to the site maintainer, Nick Leverton with my blessing! As for those who are not pictured (a sizeable list)...better luck next time!

Left to right: Menya Wolfe, John and Kathy Critchley, Paul Carpenter

Left foreground: Alex's hat... Left rear: Paul Carpenter Middle seated: Menya Wolfe

Post-prandial 2
Left to right: Kathy and John Critchley, [?], Menya Wolfe (background), [?], Paul Carpenter, Richard Telfer, [?], Ian Crowther (standing), [?], Katie Alcott, Paul Clarke (background), [?], Salim Mehta.

The Pub
Left to right: Menya Wolfe, Wendy Taylor, Ian Crowther, [?]

The Pub 2
Left to right: [?], Richard Telfer, Pete Bevin (Moose)

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