Edinboink II

From: gx86@dial.pipex.com (Fiona Swan)
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 1996 13:07:13 GMT
Newsgroups: uk.singles

>> Hmmm ... but did you empty the minibar?

>As good as!

Well, we did our best, but failed. After a lovely meal at an Indian restaurant in Bruntsfield, Ray excused himself and we all had another pint of Kingfisher (apart from Simon, who was driving home). I'm not saying we had a lot of nan bread, but if you've seen the film "The Stuff", you'll know what I mean. Undaunted by the departure of Simon, John, John, Janet, Parv and I headed off the Caley; the draw of the mininbar too much for us to resist. John and Janet managed to stand the pace until around 2.00 a.m, leaving heavyweight contenders John, Parv and I to stoically work our way from the top shelf down (ah, the sacrifice!). At 6.00 am, we called a truce with the fridge and John and I headed off in a fast black in the knowledge that John would get, oh, something an hour and a half's sleep before John and Janet phoned to say they were ready to let John navigate their way down to Auchencairn! I managed to crawl into the office myself at around 11.00 o'clock.

It was only my second boink, but roll on the next one. I'm in London between 15 and 18 October - any ideas?

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