Cover Thief's YorkBoink Piccies

Menya looking huggable

Menya wondering where everyone has gone

Water water everywhere...

Pete Bevin trying to make a quick get away

Pete Bevin wondering why he drank 17 pints of lager the night before

The vikings invade the men's dorm

Various people enjoying the hospitality of The Bar

Meeting of the Shag Appreciation Society?

Chris Dougall - The Soft Option?

Menya giving Birtie(?) the evil eye

Paul the Kiwi explorer discovers the Rise of the Raj

JC and someone who's name escapes me

Duncan looking warm and fuzzy, thanks to my cocteau-esque photography

Remember folks, the negatives are available should you wish to deposit a large pile of un-marked bank notes in my Swiss bank account...


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Last updated 11 June 1995.

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